Youngblood Hawke / by E

       Youngblood Hawke is an alternative band consisting of Sam Martin, Simon Katz, Alice Katz, Tasso Smith, and Nik Hughes. After Martin's and Katz's previous band broke up in 2009, they turned to music as a way to release feelings and Katz soon came up with the name Youngblood Hawke, taken from the 1960s novel, by Herman Wouk, of the same name. Katz and Martin shared their recordings with friends, adding Katz, Smith, and Hughes to the band.
       Their sound is unique, almost an alternative techno sound, yet the voices of the band members merge perfectly in an acoustic setting, giving them a soothing folksy sound. Their newest EP has only four songs on it, but each song is better than the last.
       Their single, "We Come Running," was released as a 'free single of the week' on iTunes on August 14 and succeeded in taking the bands self-titled EP from number 45 on the alternative album iTunes charts, to number 14, solidly placed between Passion Pit and Alex Clare. This song has, of course, received more attention than the others and, while it is a great song, there is something about "Stars (Hold On)" that just demands it be played on repeat, and "Forever" is the most endearing song the band has to offer, and I can't get enough of it.
       On the bands tumblr account, they describe themselves flawlessly, stating that "Youngblood Hawke captures the sound of 5 friends in mid-journey. One mountain has been climbed, and there are more in the distance. But for right now, the view is beautiful."
       The band is adorable, their EP is amazing, and you should check out these links below. Do your part in supporting the band so they can continue to make this amazing music.
- E
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