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       Timmy Curran, a surfer turned musician, uses a blend of folksy alternative and rock to create his unique sound. He has had much success as a surfer, getting his first sponsorship at 11 and surfing professionally by 16, and uses this to promote his albums; he performed songs from his first album at Hurley surf shops and has created a strong fan base among the surfing community.
       He released his EP, Citsusa in 2004 and his first album Word of Mouth in 2007, before re-releasing it in 2008 after signing to a label (the title comes from Curran's belief that 'word of mouth' is the best way to garner a fan base and share music). Keeping with this theory, he offers his EP, second, and third albums (Citusca-2004, Verses-2010, and Options-2011) for free on his website, making it easy to share his music among friends and fans.
       His music has that sweet, down to earth quality that makes you smile and brings you back to balance. My personal favorite, "Blue Eyes," was featured on his first album and offers a cute relationship song, complete with an adorable video about winning back a girl. 
       His music is full of those undeniably catchy melodies which are just so easy to hum along to and lyrics which will circle around your head on repeat for days (in a good way). "Crazy Love", from Curran's second album, keeps that melodic sound and those adorable lyrics that first appeared on his EP and "If I Only Had a Way" shows off his beautifully unique voice that I just can't get enough of (simultaneously soft and scratchy, it's perfect for a beach-y folk sound). His third album features the same catchy melodies, but sounds more reflective and a little less hopeful than his last two albums as he repeats lines like "oh how my heart bleeds" in "U Dear" (it's so different from his previous albums that, then the song reaches a nearly heartbreaking moments when those strings swell, it almost sounds like a different artist, if only for a second).     
       The third album, while capturing the insightful lyrics and great melodies of the other songs, is more thoughtful and 'deep' than the previous songs Curran put out. At times, the music is a tad reminiscent of Death Cab for Cutie, particularly in "Weary" as he mixes the alternative rock sound with his folksy lyrics.
       Whether you prefer the slowed down beach sounds of his first few albums or the alternative rock of his last album, he is an amazing artist that deserves the chance to be added to your music library. Check him out in the links below, take advantage of the free music, and buy his other songs from iTunes. 
       And watch this adorable music video along the way.
- E
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