Weekend / by E

       After a cringe worthy first week or so of school, it's finally time for a break. Never does a weekend seem so sweet as the first one of the semester. Strangely enough for me, I will not be sitting at home, procrastinating on assignments while working on research for blog posts; I will, thank goodness, be on the other side of the country for a much needed girls weekend. I suggest you do the same, maybe not so drastically, but the grab the person who annoys you least and go on a road trip. Short or long, it does not matter, it just feels good to have the windows down and the music up. So, grab some sodas, a bag of Cheetos, and throw these songs on a CD. Have fun and relax.
"Better Side" lady danville
"Sunshine" Matisyahu
"Mountain Sound" Of Monsters And Men
"Ready or Not" Bridgit Mendler
"One More Night" Maroon 5
"Forever" Youngblood Hawke
"Animal" Neon Trees
"Teenage Dream" Katy Perry
"Heartbeat" The Fray
- E
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