Tokyo Police Club / by E

       The indie rock band, consisting of David Monks, Josh Hook, Graham Wright, and Greg Aslop, formed in 2005. They have achieved much success in Canada with their catchy beats and sing-along lyrics but, though they have performed multiple times on The Late Show With David Letterman and toured with well known bands like Passion Pit, Weezer, and Foster the People, they have not made as much of an impact in the US yet.
       The band released their first EP, A Lesson in Crime, in 2006 and their second, Smith, in 2007. They did not release their first LP, Elephant Shell, until 2008 and their album, Champ, was released in 2010. In 2011, they worked on their album, Ten Songs, Ten Years, Ten Days. Their newest album was rumored to be released during the summer of 2012, so here's hoping that it will be released soon.
       Though their songs have not yet topped any of the US charts, it won't be long before their single is played one too many times on your local radio station. I fell in love with the band and their sound in high school after I found their album and, deeming their cover cool, yet understated, enough to represent a pretty good band, I bought Elephant Shell and quickly came to the conclusion that "Tessellate" was my new favorite song; there is nothing that can pick me up on a really crappy day like that song can. The best thing about this band is that all of their songs have this ability to make you feel great just by listening to them. The lyrics ring so true and each song manages to sound upbeat, rather than depressing, despite what the lyrics may imply (take "Graves" for example).
       Their second album, Champ, is even better than their first album. Songs like "Wait Up (Boots of Danger)"  and "End of A Spark" were made to be blared on car speakers on your way down a highway, and there is nothing quite so great as listening to "Gone" on your way to the beach. Each time the band releases an album, they manage to make it better than their last.
The band is amazing (and one of the few that is better live than they are recorded) so check out the websites below and listen to some of their music. Besides, the guitarist is adorable, so they're fun to watch.
- E
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