Lightening / by E

       Matt & Kim released their new album today... an hour(ish) ago. Anyways, aside from the creep factor of my staying up to buy a digital album (one that cannot sell out so there is no real need for me to put in that much effort to retrieve the album), it is great. I had forgotten how much I really loved hearing a solid piano base in a song; it was the first instrument I fell in love with and will always be better than the others. And Matt & Kim is the first techno/alternative band I fell in love with. And without expanding on their album in the least, I'm going to curl up in a ball with my Snuggie, ginger ale, and iPod full of Lightening and let this flu kill me, as it appears to want to do so desperately. Listen to it and get it, or at least get this song, and this one...and this one...and this one, and this; just buy the entire thing.
- E
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