Momma Holler / by E

       The information on this band is still sparse, but their first EP is to be released October 20th and should increase the want for information. The only information about the band is the information which they have, personally, provided. There is no one better to tell people about their band than the members themselves, and this excerpt they have written on the band only makes me like them more; they're kind of adorable. This is posted on their facebook page, under the 'about' section:
   "Hi, we're Momma Holler!
   We're a New York-based folk soul band. Have you ever been to New York? Such tall   
   buildings! Anyway, we met through mutual friends in London and hit-it-off. Actually, Jacob had 
   a guitar and Ally wanted to play it, so she wormed her way into his heart. Jacob knew this was 
   her plan but wasn't offended because Ally is really cool and cooks really well. Then, Ally 
   introduced Jacob to The Band (they're really great!). After London, Jacob moved to NYC and 
   Ally went back to school in Tallahassee. But first, we made a secret pact: At some point in the 
   future, we'd reunite and form a band. Ally graduated, moved to Manhattan, swung by Jacob's 
   swanky, down-town apartment in a brand new, red convertible (possible embellishments) and 
   they formed said-band."
       Their sound is reminiscent of classic country. The guitar is the predominant instrument, though it does not steal focus from the vocals, rather it supports the voices of the band members; the vocals are strong and even, simultaneously complimenting and competing with the strong and even beat the guitar provides. The band has the modern sound of indie folk music though, with the construction of their songs and their choice of lyrics and chords. Also, their voices compliment each other perfectly, with her smooth, full voice, compared to his scratchy, light voice.
       The few songs which are presently available on the internet are better for sitting around your room, rather than driving on the highway at night, but they are put together so perfectly and the lyrics are so great, that they get better each time you hear them. The first time I heard "Unraveling," I thought "Gosh, this is slow," but the more I listened to it, the more I fell in love with it. Currently, I cannot get enough of "Wakulla County" (mostly because she states that it was her "own fault for falling in with a damn red head boy". Damn gingers). Listen to it and be the first of your friends to listen to Momma Holler! It'll make you cool (probably not, but you'll still hear them before your friends do, that's kind of interesting...).
- E
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