Update- Sleeperstar / by E

       Sleeperstar announced the release of their Blue Eyes- EP today! With all of the great albums that have come out in the past two months, and all the albums still set to release, none of them hold as much excitement as the new Sleeperstar EP does, for me. It may just be an 'extension' of their Just Another Ghost album, but considering that the band first announced that the EP should be available by last May, finally having an official release date (January 29) makes me really happy. On their facebook page, they also announced that their next full length album, Lost Machines, would be released sometime in 2013. When I wrote about them for my freshman music class, I had no idea that their songs would be featured in television shows and movie trailers, and I am so proud of them for continuing to come out with more great music. If you do not already love the band, listen to their songs, because they are amazing; I am so excited for this new album to be released.
- E
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