Year In Review + Kodaline / by E

       These "Year In Review" videos are always fun to watch and it's totally relevant to this blog because it shows clips (albeit very short ones) of PSYThe Piano GuysWalk off the Earth, and that JB Fanvideo you wish your friend had never shown you (though she does redeem herself a bit here), as well as featuring the song "All I Want" by Kodaline (whose new album, In A Perfect World, has been announced for a March 15, 2013 release). 
       Plus it's put together by Google, who powers YouTube and Blogger and Google Chrome; basically, were it not for Google, I would not be able to annoy so many people all at once! So, as we head towards the new year in what seems like record time, watch this video and think of all of the great musical, political, and (admittedly) short-lived moments that controlled our lives in 2012, and how many there will be in 2013. 
- E

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