"Drinkin" / by E

       I cannot get enough of this song. If lines like "why are you screaming like I don't have ears" and "why are you leaving like we don't exist" don't make this song great for you, then the combination of the obvious emotion in Williams' voice and that 2:30 mark where the song picks back up after a pause should convince you that, as far as good country music goes, it's kind of great; it's a perfect example of why country is always a great genre.
       Williams' vocals flow over those guitar chords perfectly, the fiddle adds just enough bite to keep the song moving forward (without getting too wrapped up in its own melancholia), and the lyrics are so addictive and great that I found myself singing along by my second listen. 
       Check out Williams' song in the link below and be assured that a post for her great music (and her new album which will be released February 5th and which you can get on AmazoniTunes, or Holly Williams' website) is already being worked out. 
    Her music video is not yet on YouTube, but you can watch it here: http://www.cmt.com/videos/holly-williams/874606/drinkin.jhtml or you can just watch a live version in the video below (either way, the song is still addictive and pretty great).
- E

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