"End of the World" / by E

       Remember when I mentioned (went on and on about) that Lady Danville was the best band in existence and that their music is the reason that I, once again, love music? No? Well, you're probably not as invested in their success (or my slight obsession) as I am. 
       I have interwoven my renewed love of music with my love of Lady Danville for so many years that it was kind of difficult to separate the two after the band initially broke up and it did become a little more difficult to write about music and get excited about new bands, initially. Shortly before I left for Germany, this video was released and I wrote a weeks worth of posts in a matter of hours; their music is inherently inspirational. Lady Danville was amazing, but Dan and Michael have created perfection, even without Matt.
       This is Hunter Hunted (Dan Chang and Michael Garner; Lady Danville, sans Matthew Frankel).
"End of the World" Hunter Hunted
 You should check out this too; it's amazing (but what else would you expect).
- E
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