"Goodbye Serenade" / by E

       If those opening notes do not have you convinced that this song is going to be great, then the opening lines will. When I logged into my Gmail account tonight and saw an email from the band, all I could think was, "please, please let me like them"; I'm pretty sure I love them.
       If that 1:14 mark in the video (when the drum beat picks up and that trumpet chimes in) does not make you smile, you might be broken. Lyrics like "It's not the notes that you play, it is the silence between" and "sacrificed all of my thoughts, bleeding the memories dry", and every line in between are amazing; the only thing that makes these lyrics better is the composition that crescendos just when you need that little kick to convince you that this song is, while heartbreaking, still uplifting (it should also work to convince you that more artists should include trumpets in their work). 
       It's a great mixture of the best that indie music has to offer and, even though I try to make comparisons to other bands to explain this song's sound (it has lyrics and emotions that could have come from Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers, but with those soft drum beats that kind of make you want to dance around your room, sounding so reminiscent of Kodaline), I still cannot pinpoint where I have heard this sound before (a fact which I love).
       The lyrics make this song a bit sad, yet the composition still manages to make me inherently happy because it's stuffed full of optimism and it has been far too long since I have heard a song that was this great. The last time I can remember hearing a song that made me this excited to (immediately) download an EP and hear more from a band was when I first heard this song however many years ago. A few months ago, I was thinking that I would never find a band as great as Lady Danville, yet this song has convinced me that, now, I finally have a serious contender. 
       The only thing capable of making this song more perfect is its video.
       "Goodbye Serenade" The Rebel Light
- E
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