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"Love Like Woe" The Ready Set
       In an effort to make these song posts more enjoyable (acceptable), I am going to add some stream of consciousness to it; that's all that my posting a singular song really is (an uncensored thought), but this will just give you something to do while listening to the song and it will help me feel better about neglecting you guys until I have time to sit down and complete something.
       There is no rational explanation for my absolute addiction to this song; it's not like something from The Maine where I'm thinking "oh, but John O'Callaghan is so pretty" or something from The All-American Rejects where I just have to love it because I (literally) fought for their first album and have loved every song they've recorded (while on this note: If you have a chance to see the bands you idolized when you were young, do it; it will be amazing [even if the lead singer does look a little really rundown and, due to this appearance, sounds a bit creepy at times]).
       I can only determine that I heard this song sometime during my freshman year of college and decided, at that exact moment, that it would be my new favorite song... I may have been drunk because that's when I seem to make my best worst decisions (that does make sense linguistically [and logically] if you think about it for a bit) and, while this song is not the best song (having no real merit), it is a great song. 
      "Love Like Woe" is always addicting because of that perfectly odd mixture of piano (which opens the song, then sets the tempo for the remainder), a little bit of autotune, great back beats, a really pretty voice, that rap/singing that sounds a little reminiscent of a reggae style (except that I actually like it), and an ending that stops just short of abrupt (leaving you wanting more, without making you feel cheated)It's kind of an amazing song in the way that it mixes so many aspects of different genres (without sounding like a crowded mess) and the lyrics are surprisingly great for a song that is stuffed full of pop beats. It's a pretty great song that only grows more addictive with each listen.
- E
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