"Killin' It" / by E

       Nothing makes you feel better like a heavy dose of Foxy.
       Not everyone can just jump into Foxy Shazam's music and love it right away (I didn't like their music at all until I saw them live; now, of course, I'm addicted, but I like it better this way), so try listening to some of their best songs first ("The Streets", "I Wanna Be Yours", "Yes! Yes! Yes!", "The Only Way to My Heart", "Wanna-Be Angel", and, of course, "Killin' It") or watching their live performances; they're great. Also, stop. Taking. Music. So. Seriously. This band is odd, ridiculous, adorable, and so, so much fun; just listen to their music, love them, and don't waste your time trying to critique them because you'll just sound boring.
- E
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