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       It's no secret that I love Sleeperstar; they're kind of awesome. This new album may be a lot shorter than what I wanted after their two year break from recording after releasing Just Another Ghost, but it is just an EP and it's no less amazing than what I expected.
       Listening to this album took me awhile because I could not stop myself from hitting repeat after "Replay" was finished (and so on and so on with each subsequent song). The vocals start before the instrumentation (on "Replay"), making this the best song the band could have chosen to open their EP; those opening vocals should make you smile because there's something undeniably great about Pearson's voice (it's sweet and full and just the right mixture of rough and 'pretty'). Aside from the vocals, the composition is really great with the drum and the piano intermingling seamlessly and reaching it's crescendo at just the right time. As always, the lyrics in this song are great; Sleeperstar always has the most beautiful lyrics. Lines like "this pain is just a cracked star bursting inside you, it will try to divide you," "this hand that touches your skin is tearing your heart out, from this height it's a long way down," "you let go of the one thing that you held onto, but someday I will find you," and that refrain which continues to state "they never loved you, they always run away, this is not a new way, this is just a replay" just amaze me.
        "Sparks" has a great guitar riff that opens the song (and continues throughout), a solid back beat, and, as always, great lyrics. It's a stark contrast to the sound and lyrics on "Replay", but with lines like "this could be our last regret if I let you go" and "the way we lost our innocence, you said it was an accident" this song is just as great as the first one on the EP. Though this may not be a new song (the others on the EP are all new), it is a great song and it's really great that the band was able to re-release it in order to garner more attention for such a good song.
       "Call It What It Is" is the band's first released single from Blue Eyes and it's great. The spaced vocals sit in contrast to a moderate guitar riff and drum beat, creating a dreamy feel that is only reinforced by lines like "do you hear this, do you know what's going on" and "all I wanted was to feel the touch, to let me know that you were here". Plus, the only person who could sing a line like "all I wanted was the rain to fall on us while I held you in my arms, but the space between us is too far to cross, so let's be honest with ourselves" with that much unabashed emotion is Pearson and the only band that could end a song this great in such a perfect way (by allowing the instrumentation to dwindle out until we are left with just a piano) is Box, Lester, Menary, and Ross.
       "Love Again" opens with that same strong guitar presence as "Sparks", yet it is so much better (in my opinion). Pearson's vocals and that steady guitar (and those always great lyrics) make this song fantastic. Sleeperstar is one of maybe three bands that has an innate ability to make entire verses where each lyric line is just as amazing as the last; "There are those who tell you you are fine, brave enough to weather any storm of mine to the other fail to see the reason for my song, standing here to say, I've been here all along waiting on you" and "all the shame, you're gonna bury me...there's a way that we can love again, be loved again, we will never live this down" are only two examples of how great each verse is, in its entirety. Plus, the band ends this song perfectly (again) by allowing the instrumentation to fade out until only Pearson's vocals remain.
       "Hold On (Milo)" is the shortest song on the EP (at only fifty-nine seconds) and, while it may not be my favorite song from this album, it makes me more excited for what is to come than any of the other songs. The other songs are completed and clearly showcase the bands talents, but "Milo" promises more great songs to come on the next album and is reminiscent of the sound bit from "Blue Eyes" which was released months before this EP was released; it's short and simple with amazing lyrics that will circle around in your head and a haunting melody that will only leave you wanting more by the time it has faded to an end.
       "Blue Eyes" heads back to that solid alternative rock sound that the band created so effortlessly on their last album and features the bridge which was released as an album preview a few months ago. It's the perfect song to wrap up the album and sounds as if the band reached their 'creative climax', or so to speak, by the time they had recorded this song. The lyrics are sweet and simple and are set against a composition that layers upon itself, expanding until it becomes as intricate as the lyrics are simple (and the repetition of "I will not run from your blue eyes, from your blue eyes I will not run" does produce a simple refrain). It may not have the most 'meaningful' lyrics on the album, but with lines like "I don't know what you've done to me, inside my heart's on fire, outside I'm cold as ice" and "we both know what you said...I know what you meant, so tell me what you want from me, and I'll be what you need," the song is easily the most likeable song on the album (and probably the most adorable).
        Once again, Sleeperstar confirms the fact that, even in a place where country reigns (Texas), an alternative rock band can still come together and create something amazing (this album is as close to perfection as any album can be). "Replay" and "Love Again" may be my favorite songs on the album, but every other song is just as great and all of them are put together beautifully. If you like Sleeperstar, buy their Blue Eyes EP so you can support them (and so that they can release their next full length album sooner, rather than later).
- E
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