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       Fitz and The Tantrums have a new single, "Out Of My League", which has dropped some of that retro sound the band became so well-known for, while still maintaining some classic styles of music (like the hand-clapping back beats, the "ooh"-ing backing vocals, and the unaltered main vocals) that set it apart from other popular bands. The song is still just as fun as the rest of the bands' music (despite whatever comments "fans" seem to have on the bands new sound [you can't claim to be a fan if you don't like the bands' music]) and I cannot wait for FATT's newest album to be released. 
       More Than Just A Dream will be available May 7th and you can pre-order the album on iTunes and get a download of their latest single.
       "Out Of My League" Fitz and The Tantrums
- E
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