"Stubborn Love" / by E

       I think I've mentioned before the utter perfection that is this song, but I did not bother delving too far into the details because The Lumineers were on the rise and you were going to be inundated by their music anyways. 
       Lines like "it's better to feel pain, than nothing at all, the opposite of love's indifference", "I don't blame ya dear, for running like you did, all these years", and that ever repeating "keep your head up, keep your love" make the song amazing lyrically; that simple strumming riff on the guitar and the slow notes from the fiddle, with just enough percussion (drums/tambourine) to pick up the beat when it gets too morose, make this composition amazing. 
       The video is almost as powerful as the song, showing glimpses of other's lives, all through a child's naive viewpoint. It was put together perfectly and lines like "she'll tear a hole in you, the one you can't repair" become even more heartbreaking against this backdrop. 
       Unless you are the most emotionless person on the planet, you should be able to feel that ache of emotion in Schultz's voice and the perfection that comes from pairing those lyrics with the image of a child too young and innocent to realize the bad in the world.
       "Stubborn Love" The Lumineers
- E
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