"Steal My Sunshine" / by E

       Songs like this are the reason that everyone loves '90's music; the guys look like assholes (but they're really just harmless punks on scooters), the lyrics are easy to sing along to (yet still great), and that back beat will be going around in your head all day (in a good way).
      The song samples "More, More, More" by The Andrea True Connection and the music video was filmed in Daytona Beach (Florida) during Spring break time (anyone who lives near a Florida beach will tell you to stay far, far away from the beach during that time [for two months, hordes of people will crowd the highways, cause accidents, leave their trash on the beach, and remain utterly oblivious to their stupidity]) and basically features Len and his friends hanging out on scooters and messing around at the beach (debauchery was much more G-rated in the '90's).
     The best way to start your day is with some good, solid '90's alternative rock pop; besides, it's nearly impossible to not love this song (if only for its simplicity).
       "Steal My Sunshine" Len
- E
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