WOTE Concert (for everyone) / by E

       Walk off the Earth is kind of amazing and, from their videos, we already know that they can sing live and have the charisma and charm that would make them great in concert. With all of the requests the band has received, asking them to play in one place or another, they have announced that they will have an online concert (broadcast from their living room) for their fans from around the world. 
       The concert will take place February 20th (2013) at 8:30 PM (eastern time) and will last for half an hour. Of course, my last Wednesday class does not end until 9:15 (so I will be able to offer no opinions on the actual concert), but you can still get your tickets for the show (prices are based on your donation amount so you should donate/tip as much as you can to support the band [plus they have gifts for the top tippers that you'd really like if you really like WOTE]) and enjoy how wonderfully great this band is. 
       Check out this site to buy your tickets (before they run out [they keep adding more tickets when they run out and it's an online show so they can't really "run out" of room; you'll probably be fine]), then wait until the 20th for a really awesome show; nothing is more fun than watching the live performances of bands that really love the creation of music (i.e. WOTE will put on an amazing performance).
- E
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