"Feel This Moment" / by E

       I don't know what it is about Pitbull, but I love him. I used to think Isaac Slade was the only "bald" guy cool enough to make me want to dance and sing even when I really didn't want to, then Pitbull came onto the scene and I got hooked on Mr. Worldwide's beats (who didn't love this song?). If his horribly catchy songs weren't enough to make me thoroughly fall for his sound, his performance at last year's Sunfest was amazing enough to do the trick (the guy was wearing black from head to toe and dancing and jumping around on stage in 100 degree heat).
       Whatever the reason (be it his undeniably catchy lyrics and addictive dance beats, his onstage charisma, or his lack of sweat during the hottest time of the year), I am forever addicted to Pitbull's music and his latest single is no exception; it's kind of really great (and an amazing song to start your Tuesday).
- E
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