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       London Grammar formed in 2012 as an indie techno trio (Hannah Reid, Dot Major, Dan Rothman) based in London. They released their first track, "Hey Now", on SoundCloud in December (which has already received 310,496 views [as of this posting]) and released their debut EP, Metal & Dust, on February 25th through their own label (Metal & Dust). While the EP features only four songs ("Hey Now", "Metal & Dust", "Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me", "Hey Now [Dot Major Remix]"), the band has already begun to make their mark in the UK, already having sold out their first headlining concert at the Electrowerkz (taking place March 27th in London).
       "Hey Now" was released as the band's first track in December and gives a great introduction to the sound which is so central to this band. Simply amazing lyrics carried out by smooth, rich vocals and backed by a hypnotically sweet beat that steadily builds as the song progresses makes this song, and each of the band's alternate tracks, great. Lines like "you know it is frightening, you know it's like lightening" and "letters burning by my bed for you... I can feel my instincts here for you" are pretty perfect and that slow melody that flows throughout the song makes it easy to play this track on repeat. "Hey Now (Dot Major Remix)" is just as addictive as the original song, managing to maintain that same hypnotic quality achieved by those slow backing beats, while simultaneously picking up the beat and speeding it up, all without distorting those great vocals.
       "Metal & Dust" was released on February 14th through the band's YouTube and Facebook page's, only a week before the bands first EP (Metal & Dust) was released in the UK and Ireland. That slow, pulsating back beat that gradually builds to the chorus, all the while supporting great lyrics (with lines as amazing as "and all foundation that we've made, built to last, they disintegrate, and when your house begins to rust, it's just metal and dust" and "we argue we don't fight, stay awake till the middle of the night") makes this song perfect. The vocals are great, the lyrics could not be put together better, and the composition is a truly refreshing change from the alternative folk sound which has been so popular the last year or so.
       "Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me" is the only song that could possibly be better than "Metal & Dust". Lines like "I'm still holding onto your waistband, turn away and kick up the red sand" and "black crows, dusty roads, and a fire, burns in the distance is higher" which are backed by a drum beat and a great guitar riff (verses the pulsating electronic beats heard in the band's other songs) make this song stand out from the others on the band's EP. The composition is still just as refreshing (as the other songs), the lyrics and vocals are awe-inspiring, and the sound is great. 
       The most succinct way to describe this band is as simply amazing; their tracks are hypnotic and addictive with sweet slow beats that suck you in and carry you along with vocals so smooth and lyrics so great that you can't help but want to sing along. With their addictive compositions, perfect lyrics, and refreshing sound, the band has wasted no time in creating a strong fan base and they won't be staying a secret for much longer. Check out the band in the links below and support them by buying their EP (if you can; if you're in the states, or anywhere that is not the UK or Ireland, you'll just have to rely on YouTube to get your London Grammar fix for the time being).
- E
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