Momma Holler Update / by E

       I've been neglecting this band only because their information just does not pertain to me, currently (there is absolutely no way I can afford a trip to travel anywhere out of state to see them perform live [though that is at the top of my 'things-to-do-if-I-ever-win-the-lottery-if-I-can-ever-convince-myself-that-throwing-out-one-dollar-a-week-at-my-nearest-Publix-is-a-good-investment'; you know, along with paying off my new car, magically getting through this next year without having to take out any student loans, and not working at a place where women think a $60 shirt is "reasonably priced"]), but they are, nonetheless, amazing.
       Recently, the band has been finishing up work on their first full length album, You Got What You Wanted, and, while I have no information on when it will be released (because.. I'm just tired; I cannot fathom the energy which is needed to research a release date and for that I apologize), I do know that the music these guys have been putting out has never fallen short of great.
       The lyrics are stripped to their basics with a vulnerable sort of perfection that ring so true it's as if your friends wrote them (in a good way), the instrumentation contains that sort of old-timey feel that never goes out of style and which provides the perfect background music for any night, and those vocals will never be anything less than amazing.
       If you haven't yet fallen for this band, then you're really far behind and you need to get on that check out their first EP, Pack Your Bags Junior (or at least pay attention to "Robbie Robertson", "D Train [Broke My Heart]", and "Oak Leaf"). 
        You can check out this for a quick overview of the band or, better yet, go to the band's facebook page and start falling for them, because they're pretty awesome.
- E
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