Bride and Groom / by E

       Just another reason why The Airborne Toxic Event is one of the most amazing bands ever (also, just another song they have failed to play at either one of their concerts I have attended. I guess I'll just have to keep seeing them live...). 
       That gorgeous instrumentation, which is such a staple in all of TATE's music, is perfect for this song; it's reminiscent of the Romantic era program music, in that the introductory notes evoke an image of a wedding scene (organized with a steady back beat, soft, and slowly beautiful), before the notes fall into a sort of disarray about a minute in when the chorus begins (the drum beat picks up, the back beat falters from its steady beginnings, and the dynamics crescendo) and, by the time those opening notes tumble back around two minutes in, you can hear some dissonance in the background, which only picks up as the song (or 'relationship') comes to an end.
       Technical terms aside, the band is amazing simply because their lyrics ache with harsh truths. Lines like "this city is haunted by the ghosts of failure, I am one and you are one", "I picture you like snowflakes, like desperate pouring rain, like the beating of the drum in a parade of the insane", and "I'm not good enough for you, you were never good enough to me, no one's ever good enough to be, or have something so naive" are amazing, but that first chorus which simply states, "but I broke my hand on your car, when you told me you were leaving, and I begged for your forgiveness, my broken fingers bleeding, my heavy heart repeating the phrase 'just stay here with me'", is absolute perfection. I will never grow tired of the pure art this band creates. 
       "Bride & Groom" The Airborne Toxic Event
- E
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