Kodaline Update- Livestream / by E

       Kodaline's latest album, In A Perfect World, was recently released and the band will be answering questions and performing some of  their songs from the album during a Livestream today at 12:30 PM (Eastern time).
       As the album remains unavailable in the US iTunes store I am going to take full advantage of this Livestream to hear some of the band's 'new' music. 
       Many of the songs off In A Perfect World track list have been released before (or were at least circulating around YouTube, like "Big Bad World") and, with great songs like "All I Want", "Love Like This", "High Hopes", "After the Fall", and "Pray" rounding out the album, I find some of the more harsh reviews of In A Perfect World difficult to believe; after all, Kodaline's lyrics never fail to hit you just right, their instrumentation is pure anthem rock, and Garrigan's vocals are too great to be ignored.
       As of yet, my only problems with the album are that "The Answer" is not on it (unless it's a bonus track?) and that the album, titled In A Perfect World, is conspicuously void of "Perfect World"; two of the best Kodaline songs are missing from the band's first album and it's a little disappointing. 
       Watch today's Livestream at 12:30 PM to hear songs from In A Perfect World
- E
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