Freakin' Love / by E

       Flora Cash has a new single from their EP (titled Made for You) out and, as with the rest of their music, I find it too hypnotizing-ly great to ignore. 
       The simplicity of the band's sound (simple folk rock riffs from an acoustic guitar, mixed with pure full vocals and just a little bit of added instrumentation to fill out the melody) continues to amaze me. The simply stated truths in their lyrics are always great and "Freakin' Love" manages to make me love the band's work even more with lines like "melt away and I'll melt away and we'll melt away and we'll wind up better, so much better, damn near better", "all the things I never said they were never meant to be said", and, of course, "freakin' love, come on over". 
       Look for the bands latest EP, Made for You, out in a month or so and make sure to support the band by checking them out on Facebook and their official site
       "Freakin' Love" Flora Cash

- E
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