Spotlight / by E

       As LEAGUES will be opening for The Airborne Toxic Event, I decided I should probably check out some of their music before the show; now I'm a little obsessed with their sound. Their music reminds me of the pure vocals and simple, yet soulful, lyrics of Lady Danville (and my readers know how I feel/felt about Lady Danville [now, and forever more, referred to as Hunter Hunted]) mixed with the fun alternative rock heard in Tokyo Police Club's music.
       Don't let the fact that I'm comparing them to any other band lessen their greatness for you, because their songs kind of amaze me. I can't not sing along to lines like "I'm never gonna give you up, never ever gonna give you up", "romantic love it's so sugar sweet, it comes and goes so easily" and "I see all the troubled waters, I'll jump in anyways" and it's near impossible to not feel like dancing when listening to any of the band's music.  
       I may be a new fan, but songs like "Haunted", "Mind Games", and, of course, "Spotlight", have me indescribably excited for tonight's performance.
- E
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