The Storm / by E

       After getting stuck in traffic behind road construction and arriving at The Airborne Toxic Event's SunFest set half an hour late this year, I am so inexplicably excited to be heading to Orlando to see one of the most amazing bands of all time perform tonight. Each of their songs is stuffed full of these soulful melodies that carry an enormous amount of emotions, rendering lyrics useless, yet the band still manages to find and create these achingly true lyrics that get to the point, refusing to hide any emotion, and which only serve to better an already perfect song; I will never get enough of those gut-wrenchingly beautiful truths in this band's music (and that mixture of violin and piano, like in "Safe" or "Sometime Around Midnight"; it's truly gorgeous).
       If you have not yet heard of this band or, simply, have not taken the time to listen to them, start now, because this band, with every song they have put out since their formation, continually manages to amaze me; not one of their songs has ever been anything less than a perfect transcription of emotion and experience into music (it's perfectly amazing).
- E
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