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        Hiking after a rain is usually fun because you get extra dirty and the rocks are slick enough to slide down.
       Hiking after a week of flood warnings is not fun because the water's too rough to swim in and tends to wash the edge of the trails into the river itself.
       Regardless, being stuck inside with a laptop and a hotspot while the storm rages on outside can't be too bad as long as you have great music (having good company helps too).
       While I wait for the rain to cease, I'll just throw together a playlist for you guys because I can't get enough of Gloryhound's "TKO Tokyo" or Benhur's "Lay Me Down" (I must have listened to it at least ten times before yesterday's hike; you know, apart from all the other times I've listened to it), "Walking Disasters" is always amazing, I have no clue how New Medicine is not yet famous and, even after all this time, "Vienna" is still the best song ever written (or composed or recorded or put into existence; it's pure perfection).
"Big Jet Plane" Angus and Julia Stone
"Lay Me Down" Benhur
"Plain Sailing Weather" Frank Turner
"Can't Go Home" Good Old War
"Erase Me" Kid Cudi featuring Kanye West
"TKO Tokyo" Gloryhound
"Quiet Little Voices" We Were Promised Jetpacks
"Red" Cattle & Cane
"Vienna" Billy Joel
"Spotlight" LEAGUES
"Bride & Groom" The Airborne Toxic Event
"Sloppy Seconds" Watsky
- E
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