Care / by E

       For the longest time I thought that no other Irish band could ever compete with Kodaline's greatness; then I heard these guys. 
       My new addiction is so intense that I have considered spending $28 to get two short EP's shipped to the US. If only I didn't have car payments, or a dog, or school, or the need to eat on a fairly regular basis, I could justify this expenditure but, until then, I'll just listen to everything on repeat on YouTube.
       Also, as much as I love it when bands get in touch with me in some way (I will fan-girl for a good minute over an actual email if your music is good), I really miss finding good music on my own; it just feels good to allow yourself to be carried away by something you found by chance.
       Fall in love with this band now because, with gorgeous acoustic instrumentation, clear vocals, lyrics that grab at your heartstrings, and steady vocal melodies that beg to be sung along to, this band isn't going to be 'small' for long.
       "Chasing Rubies" has a fantastic melody with the sweetest lyrics and I can't get enough of the strong vocals and that chorus in "World Without You", but their latest song, "Care", shows off the band's true talents with a beautiful acoustic recording and more than perfect lyrics.
       "Care" Hudson Taylor
- E
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