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       I'll be starting off the first week back to class by heading back to Indiana to be with family and I just don't have the motivation necessary to put together a nice playlist that includes all the music that is sent to me and the latest singles. Due to this lack of enthusiasm, and after missing the 15th of the month playlist (again), rather than presenting you guys with the customary constructed list, this is my personal playlist.
       After the funeral and some family time, I will be more than ready to get back on track and distract myself with album reviews of Dear You's and Andrew Belle's latest releases (Faith, Fear, and Hope and Black Bear, respectively [because they're both great]) but, for now, I'm just going to leave you guys with the songs circling on repeat on my playlist.
"Lay Me Down" Benhur
"World Without You" Hudson Taylor
"Dance So Good" Wakey!Wakey!
"On Top of the World" Fever Fever
"Take Me Dancing" The Maine
"Calm My Soul" Paper Route
"The Answer" Kodaline
"Goodbye Serenade" The Rebel Light
"Big Jet Plane" Angus & Julia Stone
"Can't Go Home" Good Old War
"New Windows" Ryan Dishen
"Waiting" Cattle & Cane
"Vienna" Billy Joel
"Sloppy Seconds" Watsky
"Four Long Days" Voxtrot
"Nobody Knows Me At All" The Weepies
"Magnolia" The Hush Sound
"Pieces" Andrew Belle
"This Is Gospel" Panic! At the Disco
- E
       *Note: All of these artists have previously released these songs as singles or as part of an EP/full-length album. Go support the artists you like by buying their music on iTunes or their websites.
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