Jukebox Dream / by E

       It's been a year since I put up my first post (about WALK THE MOON) and, while I've received correspondence from some great bands, PR firms, and record labels, I think it's only fitting to give this day's post to the first band who sent me their music and, more importantly, continued the conversation (because that's kind of awesome). If you're new to the blog, check out the post I wrote for The Rebel Light's single, "Goodbye Serenade", and a general post about the band's work (if you've been reading the blog and finding new music for the past year, you're super awesome and I think I might love you).
        If you don't already have the first EP from The Rebel Light (which is highly reminiscent of the attitude central to the work of The Beatles, with a bit of a Muse-esque style mixed into the composition), you can still get the album for free on NoiseTrade.
       The Rebel Light's latest single, "Jukebox Dream", offers a perfect soundtrack to end your summer. With a soft acoustic guitar, that ever present trumpet, adorable lyrics, and an undeniably catchy chorus, the song is decidedly lovable with a composition that implores to be played on repeat. Lines that state "there was love on your summer skin", "holding my hand, as I'm stealing your heart", and the repetition of "last night I fell for you, I gotta love that's coming true" (not to forget the prevalence of those soft "sha-la-la"'s) appear sun-drenched and ready for summer radio play. While the song sounds highly reminiscent of a pretty solid mix of the perfectly simple compositions heard in The Beatles' work and the uninhibited lyric lines found in much of The Partridge Family's work, the song slips into a purely Beatles-esque composition at the 2:30 mark, with an acoustic guitar riff and a softly sung hook, and I can't help but fall for it's sweet summer swing.
       Spend your day listening to The Rebel Light; their music is pretty great and you're sure to love them.
       "Jukebox Dream" The Rebel Light
- E
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