Hopeless Wanderer / by E

       Flora Cash has a new video out (a cover of Mumford & Sons' "Hopeless Wanderer") and it sounds just as gorgeous as I've come to expect from the twosome. Their music is flawless, with soft chords and wandering melodies that leave you anxiously awaiting the next line and vocal harmonies that never fail to make me smile; every time they put out a new video, I'm reminded of how completely wonderful they are, and this video is no exception. 
       Flora Cash is probably the only band who can sufficiently cover Mumford & Sons without making a fool of themselves and, honestly, I may like this cover more than the original (though that sounds a little sacrilegious, even to me). Regardless, Flora Cash did a beautiful job with the song and I can't stop playing it on repeat. 
       Plus, the video's adorable, as always, and leaves me perpetually rooting for this band's success; you can't not like them and their music (unless you're heartless and tone-deaf).
       Check the band out in the links below and, if you still have not picked up your copy of Made It For You, do so now, because it's indie folk-pop perfection.
- E
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