9/26 / by E

       If there's one good thing about having both a ruptured disc and a hyper-extended knee (aside from the super hilarious jokes about how I should be locked in a cushioned room [really guys, it's still so original...]) it's that I'm stuck on a couch with no work or outside activities; i.e. I have plenty of extra time to get back on track with the blog and to work on bringing you guys an awesome new segment that I've had in the works (without the free-time to carry it out) for a little while now. 
       Until that's up and ready though, chill out with this playlist, because there was so much new music this month that I think two playlists are needed to feature all the great music. And, unlike some of the other playlists which feature songs only in the spirit of getting it out there, most of this comes from my personal playlist and I have to play every song a minimum of two times before I can move on; they're all pretty awesome. 
"Take Yours, I'll Take Mine" Matthew Mole (I'm addicted)
"Hopeless Wanderer" Flora Cash (a cover, but still utterly gorgeous)
"2+2=5, You Suck" The Saving Pointe (it's the first song I heard from these guys and now I'm hooked)
"Down to the Sea" Elephant Revival (their albums should be in your music library by now; too beautiful to ignore)
"Roar" Katy Perry (I don't even care; I love it)
"Waiting On Cinderella" Robinson (I can't stop playing this on repeat)
"Lost Track of Time" MTNS (hypnotic, addictive, and gorgeous)
"Man Overboard" Seasick Mama (why is this not yet famous?)
"House On Fire" Black Taxi (this too?)
"Hurricane" Katey Laurel (click this to hear a clear recording because the instrumentation's perfect)
"It's Not Too Late" Mansions on the Moon (good indie-techno is so refreshing)
"Break Free" Sultanov (who knew Russia could compete with Canada for the best indie-rock sound?)
"Slaver" Pompeya (it just gets better with each listen)
"Wrecking Ball" Miley Cyrus (yes, I still support her, wholeheartedly) 
"This Game Is Over" Alejandro Sanz featuring Jamie Foxx & Emeli Sande (..it's Jamie Foxx)
       Everything that has been released this month or which I have received is more than amazing and I get so excited every time I check my inbox now. Keep it up and, if you've been thinking about sending in music and haven't done so yet, do it now (the timing's perfect because I literally cannot run away from it); I'd love to talk with you.
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