These Times / by E

       After releasing These Times in January 2012 and their Hallelujah EP in August 2012, SafetySuit is already hard at work on their next album which they have stated they want to have ready for release by the end of 2013. I may be a little overly excited for SafetySuit's next album because they're really awesome (and their music is adorable and wonderful and they never put out a subpar track), so I'll just put their music out on the blog on weekends until their third studio album is released.
       "These Times" got into the US Adult Top 40 after its release (the album itself hit number one on the US Top Digital Album charts) and a rough clip of one of their new songs, set for release on their third studio album, was leaked, and it's gorgeous (click here to listen to the new song clip).
"These Times" SafetySuit
- E