Join The Human Race / by E

       The music video for City Rain's latest single, "Join the Human Race", was released today with the statement "in a world where it's easy to shy away from the desperate political, social and humanistic situation, this is our rallying cry". With a statement like that, gorgeous lyrics which Runyan describes as a story, a slowly meandering melody, and the band's obvious knowledge of our sociopolitical driven culture, I'm finding it difficult to separate my love for their music from my liking of the people themselves, Cumpstone and Runyan (although, the music is  truly amazing).
        As with "The Optimist" before it, "Join the Human Race" features pleadingly uplifting lyrics, an electronic beat to carry that story, and an ever increasing rhythm which urges the song forward; I love it. The music video itself is simple yet thought-provoking with a gorgeous meaning and I am completely convinced that we need more of City Rain's music. 
       Check out the video below and start getting excited for Songs For A High School Dance.
- E
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