The Monster / by E

       This song is wrapped in rock riffs and scream-worthy lyrics and I can't seem to get enough and, with so many other music videos going way overboard in an attempt to out-beg the other for attention, it's refreshing to be presented with a simple lyric video. 
       With a chorus that states "give me the torch and I will burn your city down, swimming in pride I dare to drown, chaos is my state of mind tonight, and madness is my lovely bride", you're not going to make it through the song without dancing and the ending will leave you wanting more; plus, that solid rock anthem-esque sound is the perfect way to get over your Monday blues.
       Make sure to pre-order your copy of Sunny Days & Starry Nights, set for release November 5, because all the songs are just as great as this.
"The Monster" The Saving Pointe
       Check out the bands merch site for the album and their Facebook and Twitter for more information on the band. 
- E
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