Legacy / by E

       The music video for Fefe Dobson's "Legacy" will be released tomorrow, but after waiting so long for Fefe Dobson to come back with new music, I'm really proud of myself for holding out on posting this song as long as I have and I'm finding it too difficult to wait any longer (and the rhythm's sure to pull you out of your Monday funk). A sing-along chorus, ridiculously addictive beats, and a wonderfully strong piano melody that will be circling around your head for days makes this latest single just as fun as the rest of her music.
       Her music is always perfectly catchy; "I Want You" was the second to last song I ever played in my first car before signing over my soul to get my new car, and he found it so amazing that he took it to the grave with him (seriously, the CD portion of the stereo was the last thing on that car to break and, when it was time to clean out the interior, I just couldn't get the CD out and Bart took it with him to the crusher).
       I can never listen to one of her songs just once and I always get caught up in it, dancing and singing along by the end, and this one is no exception. Check out all of her older songs, because they're just as catchy, head over to AndPOP to watch a behind the scenes video for the making of the "Legacy" music video, and check back tomorrow to watch the official music video; until then, you can sing along with the lyric video.
       Check here for a short teaser for "Legacy".       
"Legacy" Fefe Dobson
- E
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