Revolution / by E

       While this song is not new, the band is heading out on tour and you need to check out their music and tour dates because you don't want to miss out on seeing a band like this live. A lot of bands need to fix something before they can really make it (i.e. better representation, different lead singer, catchier hooks, more/less instrumentation, better lyrics, different band name) but this band doesn't have to change a thing; they're set with what they have.
       As I've stated before, I will fall for your music, fast, if you have soft scratchy vocals, and every time Dungo screams, I get a little more addicted to the song and the rest of their music.
       Incredibly articulate and relatable lyrics and that soft piano based bridge around the 2:10 mark that pulls the song in perfectly make this song awesome and, add in the fact that this is the first composition I've heard in a long while that flows perfectly with the lyrics (always place your emotions into your compositions), and I find myself thoroughly caught up in this bands music.
       With songs like this, I might be more excited to see these guys perform next weekend than I am to see Echosmith or The Downtown Fiction (seriously, look up tour dates because the line-up right now is amazing).
"Revolution" For the Foxes
- E
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