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       The only thing that could make the start of the regular hockey season better (aside from the Capitals [or anyone, really] beating those Blackhawks) is finding a song that sucks you in completely and can be played on repeat without being ruined. 
       Until I have the time to put up longer posts about these bands and artists, check out this playlist for awesome music you should be listening to now. Listen and choose your favorite; they're all amazing.
"Never Gonna Give You Up" Julian Taylor Band (fairly positive I've played this at least twenty times today..)
"The Monster" The Saving Pointe (I've only just begun to listen to this band but I am so very hooked)
"IamJesseScott" Jesse Scott (with a great hook and a fun beat, I have to hit replay)
"Dreaming" Smallpools (Smallpools will be famous. Listen to their music before radio play makes you sick of it)
"Follow My Feet" The Unlikely Candidates (if it hasn't begun to play on your radio yet, it will soon)
"Far Too Young To Die" Panic! At The Disco (if I ever fangirl, it will be over P!ATD)
"Sloppy Seconds" Watsky (Cardboard Castles has been out for six months now. Stop procrastinating and listen)
"You and Your Crown" Matthew Mole (his gorgeously laid-back style begs to be played on repeat)
"House on Fire" Black Taxi (fall in love now; it's only a matter of time before it's everywhere)
"Man Overboard" Seasick Mama (that composition is perfect and the lyrics are awesome)
"Brand New Day" Kodaline (Kodaline's fame was set the second "All I Want" went viral)
"Lost Track of Time" MTNS (a hypnotically, pulsing melody will have you sucked in within the first minute)
"Care" Hudson Taylor (their music has been ridiculously underrated up until recently)
"Superlove" Robinson (it's so laid-back and adorable that I can't get enough)
"Gentle Folks" Hunter Hunted (their lyrics have been amazing since the first Lady Danville EP)
"Bride & Groom" The Airborne Toxic Event (I'll just keep going to concerts until they add this to their set list)
   The Saving Pointe's Sunny Days & Starry Nights is set for release November 5th.
   Panic!'s Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die will be released October 8th.
   Smallpools four track, self-titled debut EP was released in July and is available on iTunes.
   Follow My Feet EP was released last week and every song is amazing; get it on iTunes or Amazon.
   Watsky is still on his Hug A Hater tour. Check to see if there's a date near you.
   Matthew Mole's The Home We Built has been topping the South African charts for good reason; get your copy on iTunes.
   "House on Fire" is the bonus track on Chiaroscuro released in September and available on iTunes.
   A Perfect World, Kodaline's first full length album, will be released in the US October 8th.
   Hudson Taylor will be setting out on tour with Kodaline; check to see if there are dates near you.
   Hunter Hunted's debut self-titled EP was re-released last month and, if you like listening to good music, you need to get it.
   After finishing their Such Hot Blood tour in the US, TATE released the album in the UK September 30th and have recently begun their European tour. Check to see if you can make any of the dates because they're amazing live.
- E
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