Love Don't Die / by E

       I've got most of the New Music Monday posts ready for tomorrow and I can't wait to share the new music with you guys but, because I have to shove something at you, you should check out The Fray's latest single from their upcoming album.
       The band was supposed to take a break after their Scars & Stories tour but said they were feeling creative and went back to the studio to start work on their next album, and I couldn't be more excited. 
       The single was released last week and includes all the emotional compositions, catchy hooks, and sweet lyrics you've come to expect from The Fray. It sounds like a radio hit, a phrase which gets a bad rep, but popularity does not make the song any less great (because lines like "a thousand years go by, but love don't die", "you don't say much, yeah, that's true, but I lose it when you do", and "even if they try, they'll never take my body from your side" would be great even if they never left the bar scene). The band has experience in the business so their hits are going to be radio ready with a sing-along chorus; that's actually a good thing, despite what every hipster I've ever met claims (it means that the artist will be able to keep making music, rather than being forced out of the business).
       Even though the single is awesome and the band has talked about a new song that is, as of yet, unreleased and not anywhere to be found ("Our Last Days"), the main reason I can't wait for the new album to be released is to see these guys perform live again; never have I seen a frontman better than Isaac Slade.
       Check out the new single and fall in love with, yet another, hit from The Fray.
"Love Don't Die" The Fray
- E
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