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       I hate calling out bands that aren't going to last, but it's easy to determine whether a band will be famous or not just by listening to a few of their songs.
       I've been talking up The Other Side tour since I found out that For the Foxes, Echosmith, and The Downtown Fiction would be heading out together and, while I am super excited for The Downtown Fiction and Tonight Alive has done an awesome job of getting their music out there, the only bands you really need to see on this tour are For the Foxes and Echosmith. 
       I love The Downtown Fiction; I think they're awesome, their music's catchy, and I can't wait to dance around to "I Just Wanna Run", but they're still going off the hype from an album they put out over two years ago. They're going to need new material and be able to show that they have evolved to a more mature sound if they don't want to get stuck in that rut reserved for those bands that can't get over high-school emotions.
       Tonight Alive has a few songs that will get a lot of radio play because they're catchy and you want to sing along ("Lonely Girl" and "Come Home") but their songs, as a whole, read a lot more like high school punk and their sound is less mature than a band of their age calls for. There's a lot of good to be said about being childlike, but there's not much good in being a child.
       Get tickets for The Other Side tour to see the opening bands. 
       For the Foxes doesn't need to change a thing about their sound; all they need is exposure and they're set. Go see them, sing along, and fall for all of their music because these guys' music and lyrics are going to keep them moving upward.
       Echosmith is just pretty great. Give them some time and they'll be unstoppable because people LOVE sibling bands. They've also got fun compositions and lyrics that are unabashedly honest and mature beyond their years; this band is going to fall perfectly into the upcoming music trends and you want to see them now when tickets are still less than $20.
"Revolution" For the Foxes
"Cool Kids" Echosmith
Get your tickets from any ticket site (or head to one of the band's websites) now.
- E
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