New Music Monday / by E

       There's been a lot of great music coming in lately and I'm honestly a little overwhelmed by the amount that came in during the one day I decided I didn't need to check anything (which is awesome) so I think I need to just lock myself in my place for a weekend and do nothing except write a bunch of posts for you guys about all of these amazing artists, then I'll go out and live again.
       I am getting in touch with everyone and will have full posts (time permitting) for a good half of these artists/bands and you guys can look forward to an interview with up-and-coming indie artist Russell Howard (check out his single "Home") later.
       Check the songs, fall in love, and add them to your library, because there's a wide variety and they're all pretty great.
"Highlights of the Lowlife" Adam Bones (I prefer dogs to be 50 lbs and up, but this one's adorable)
"Send the Night" The Walking Sticks (another one of their singles [see "Real Thing" here])
"Bang Bang Bang" Sahara Beck (catch a review of You Could Be Happy and get the EP Thursday)
"Just No" Glenn Aitken (his music has just started to get support in the US, so buy his music and keep it here) 
"Hangin' Out" Kosha Dillz (this guy is so funny and I'll do my best to get an interview to you guys)
"Little Lady London" The Black Whiskey Union (these vocals are just so good)
"Ghost" Darling Parade (so damn catchy I can't stop repeating it)
"The Water" Fossil Collective (get the new EP The Water out today)
"Catch a Star for You" Brielle (synthesized pop at its best)
"Better" Stuck on Planet Earth (I swear, Canada puts out all the best indie rock bands)
"My Song 9" Nova Heart (this video's still unlisted, so click here if it doesn't work in the playlist)
"Halo" Melodime (is it too soon to say they're my first 'favorite band' since Lady Danville broke up?)
"Joe Batt's Arm Longliners"/"Tennessee Blues" Duane Andrews and Craig Young (just, yes, please; keep going)
"Everything We Don't Say" Maggie McClure (not my style, but the piano's awesome and you might like it)
"Seems Like Yesterday" Ron Littlejohn & The Funk (click the link; it's not on YouTube)
"2+2=5, You Suck" The Saving Pointe (not 'new' but the album comes out soon; check a review here)
"Little Pretty Thing" Jack Littman (soft alt rock with a bit of a jazz feel)
"Silent Revolution" My Excuse (they're from Greece! That means nothing to you; you don't know me- They're awesome!)
       I'm sure something else will come in within seconds of me posting this, so this playlist will either be fluid or I'll share the music with you later this week, but make sure to check back to see full posts on a lot of these artists/bands and get excited for their upcoming albums or grab your copies of the ones that have already been released.
- E
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