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       Arizona based band The Saving Pointe (Hunter Smith, Troy Sanchez, JJ Pruitt, Nate Logan) has spent the past month building hype for their new album, Sunny Days & Starry Nights, and for good reason. The band has dedicated the album to the memory of their friend and, with the band's penchant for story-like verses, strong guitar riffs, and a solid mix of dream-like alt-rock and dance-worthy punk rock, you're going to want to order your copy of Sunny Days & Starry Nights now.
       The album opens with the soft melody and retrospective lyrics of "Daydream" and lines like "is it a dream or is it a it some form of lost reality" and "my mind comes alive, my heart's anticipating" fall perfectly in line with the weaving melody, creating a hypnotic quality that will suck you into the album before the first chorus is through. And when the beat picks up around 3:07 it's impossible to not get a little excited for the rest of the album.
       "Medusa, My Queen" features the band's quick riffs, strong beats, and awesome lines like "the way you conspire, to have my heart in your hand" and "the dire needs of your beating heart, my hope, my love falling apart" that lead up to a chorus you're going to want to sing-along with.
       "2+2=5, You Suck" was released as the album's first single and with a chorus that states "I can't stand the thought of you, your tell-tale lies that misconstrue, I can't stand the thought of you, so now I'm leaving" to the beat of a solid punk rock rhythm, you can't not dance. Plus, the music video's fun and makes the band even more likable.
       "Chuffa" was written and sung (with chorus echoes from Smith [lead singer] and group vocals from the rest of the band) by Sanchez (guitar) and features, not surprisingly, an awesome guitar riff that surges the song forward, insisting that you dance around until the song ends with the great line "close your eyes and realize you're better than this".
       "The Old Man" takes a step back from the punk rock, dance-worthy beats of the previous songs to feature a soft rhythm with bitter-sweet lyrics that state "I saw the love fade before my eyes...I wanted to take the chance, but I don't know a thing about romance" and "solitude strolls right into the holes, that are left in his heart...He tells her of years he wished he had, and the way he wished he'd lived instead, but now together they'd forever rest" and I can't get enough.
       "Better Than Before" was written and sung by Logan (drummer) and features a solid beat with a dance-able melody and a chorus which begs to be sung along to with lines like "I'm not used to comin' home, and sleepin' all alone...I'm proud of my pain, 'cause I made it through today...and after all of this, I'm better than before" before drifting into a slowed down bridge and fading out.
       "Home" features an awesome melody that had me convinced I loved the song before the first lyric verse, but an articulate line like "picture all of your memories crammed into one single space, where you have no other choice but to confront your old ways, where you lived you life without a hint of regret, you know the lights are dim, but that's as bright as they get" supported only by a drum beat makes this one of the best on the album, especially after the track slips into an amazing guitar riff around the three minute mark.
     "I Wanna Live Alone" features a laid-back melody with a solid back beat and sounds best with your headphones on and the volume turned up. 
       "Dialed Down Radio" was written in memory of a friend of the band and with relatable lines like "I'm awake and it's 4 AM...I wish I'd given you one more hug, before I said my final goodbye", "strength is hard to find...I'm afraid I'll lose my mind" and "to know I'll never see you again, it rattles me to my core" and group vocals which state "I don't know how I'm gonna be alright...but given time, I'll do my best" it's a little heartbreaking and more than gorgeous.
       "The Things I Withhold" has a wonderfully strong piano melody that carries this retrospective, break-up song through to the end, before closing with the eloquently put title lyrics, "you know you can't escape, the feeling that you get, on sunny days and starry nights".
       "All Too Empty" picks the album back up from it's retrospective segue with a song featuring scream-worthy verses, a melody you have to dance to, and a chorus you'll be singing along to by its second time around.
       "The Monster" was released as the album's second single and features a solid rock anthem-esque sound that's impossible to listen to while sitting still and a chorus with the lines "give me the torch and I will burn your city down, swimming in pride, I dare to drown, chaos is my state of mind tonight, and madness is my lovely bride" that you have to sing along to before the song fades out on "I take one last breath of air".
       "The Wanderer" continues with a solid rock beat, a strong guitar riff, and background vocals that make you want to turn the song all the way up. A line like "I'm so frustrated with myself, but I just cannot help myself, I try to change but deep down I know, I'm too foolish to stop" and a chorus which states "I'm not sure what I believe anymore, I'm a wretched one, I'll find my peace when I am done" only makes the song that much better.
       "So Why Should I Sing" picks up with slow guitar chords, soft vocals, and a chorus which insists "another lyric tossed about, as if it's truth, it doesn't matter who or what, it's the why that makes it you, why can I never catch a break, in the things that matter most, why can I not get past this stupid future, I'll never get to hold" before slipping into an awesome guitar riff with a solid bass presence around 2:46 and ending with loud riffs, screaming vocals, and a steady drum beat that plays out the song. The song is unarguably amazing and has me convinced that these guys have put out a stellar album that their fans will love completely.
       The album was able to come to fruition due to the fundraising efforts of fans, so make sure to keep on supporting the band by heading over to their merch site to pre-order your copy of Sunny Days & Starry Nights (set for release November 5) and check the band out on Twitter and Facebook.
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