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       It is so rare that I find female vocals which are full enough that I can sit and listen to them for an entire album, but Echosmith's debut album, Talking Dreams (released earlier this week), features strong, clear vocals and catchy beats I can't get enough. Better still, the band is comprised of four siblings (Sydney, Noah, Graham, and Jamie Sireota) who have been playing and making music together for years, resulting in a perfect chemistry that's evident in each track (each sibling adds to the track by playing multiple instruments and singing).
       "Come Together" features an into which sounds reminiscent of Coldplay (one of the band's influences) before it sinks into a low bass rhythm with an electric back beat to create an indie punk sound, and staying just quiet enough that the vocals are allowed to take center stage.
       "Let's Love" jumps in with a clear indie pop sound (with an emphasis on the 'pop') and with the repetition of "let's love while we're young" it would be a perfect summer song.
       "Cool Kids" has a slowly building melody and lyrics which amaze me. A perfect opening verse which states "she says they're walking in a straight line, but that's not really her style, and they all got the same heartbeat, but hers is falling behind, nothing in this world could ever bring them down, yeah they're invincible, and she's just in the background" then segues into a sing-along chorus will have you dancing along and rooting for the underdog. Plus, "they don't know where they're going, in the fast lane, living life without knowing" is incredibly articulate and completely awesome.
       "March Into the Sun" has a soft, laid back beach sound (sounding a little reminiscent of San Cisco) with just enough to guitar to keep the melody interesting and a chorus that will prove impossible to not sing-along with.
       "Come With Me" builds slowly before a steady drum beat chimes in with gusto, refusing to let up. With vocals from all four siblings pleading "come with me, and I'll take you away if you let me, stay with me, and I'll cover your soul with my body, give me your heart and I'll give my love... so give your heart to me" it's hard not to fall into the rhythm of this song and it's easy to find yourself singing along by the second listen and when that bridge kicks in around 2:50, featuring Sydney's strong vocals and a solid drum beat, it only gets better.
       "Bright" offers a sweet acoustic sound with cute lyrics that you want to turn up and dance around to by the time the love song reaches the chorus the first time around.
       "Talking Dreams", the title track, features fast guitar and an insistent rhythm with lyrics which sound just as positive and sure as the beat, insisting "let's run not walk through this beautiful life... heart beats through me, through this beautiful life".
       "Tell Her You Love Her" may be my favorite from the track and with soft vocals, a weaving melody with a steady rhythm, perfect lyrics which read as simple instructions (with lines like "tell her the truth, you treat her better, make sure to see it through, don't be just everything she wants, be everything she needs...she'll tell you secrets, you tell her secrets too" and "tell her she's lovely, always tell her the truth"), and a chorus which warns "but don't you run away, run away, when you get tired, 'cus this will slip away, slip away, and start a fire", I can't get enough.
       "Ran Off In the Night" has a solid alternative rock sound and a repetitive chorus line which begs you to sing-along before the song has even got to its first verse.
       "Nothing's Wrong" has an instrumentation which picks up and drops off with ease, relying more on the lyrics which read like a story to carry out the song.
       "Safest Place" has a simple indie pop sound with a strong rhythm, a gorgeous melody, and a chorus which states "if you're looking for truth, don't come looking for me, you're better off not knowing, 'cus your own story is the safest place you'll ever be" that has me almost as addicted as "Tell Her You Love Her"
       "Surround You" features a slowly building melody with awesome background vocals and softly sung lyrics with a cute message that begins with "I searched valleys and mountaintops...never thought love could be found" and ends with the repetition of "I want my love to surround you" before circling back to the opening verse.
       There are two bonus tracks and while "We're Not Alone" has a drum beat that's made for listening with your headphones on and the volume turned up, "Up To You", with it's intro guitar riff, strong lyrics, and dance-able melody make it worth getting the Deluxe Version of the album.
       Head over to Amazon or iTunes to get your copy of Echosmith's debut album, Talking Dreams, so that you can listen to all of the great music and start falling in love with the band's sound.
- E
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