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      A responsible person would have written their interview questions days in advance and have blog posts prepared and ready to go in anticipation of their busy schedule, but I spent my one day off work and classes teasing my dog with a toy-less squeaker, listening to Jocelyn's and The Gods of Macho's latest EP's on repeat, and trying to prove to others that I can go one day without coffee (I can't); I don't regret my decisions, but I do think I should give you more music to listen to today.
       I keep forgetting about the monthly playlist and I am so sorry because there's a lot of great music in here. Because I'm working so hard on trying to throw together a bunch of album reviews, interviews, and band/artist features that will be showing up soon (the first interview is going to be on the site tomorrow! I'm kind of excited to 'premiere' that new segment [I've been working on it since September so it's a long time coming]), I don't really have the time to pick and choose the best songs to democratically represent all the music that has come in recently (as it is, my notebook for the blog kind of looks like an insane person got a hold of it; probably doesn't help that I really only write in red Sharpie) so this is my personal playlist from most of November. 
        Check out the tracks, buy the music from the bands you most enjoy, and I'll put up a playlist before the end of the month that features the music you definitely need to be listening to now.
"Ghost" Darling Parade
"Miss America" Jocelyn (their new Seattle Someday EP is awesome; definitely check out "Say It To Me")
"Legacy" Fefe Dobson (her music and videos are always addictive)
"We Belonged" Stoney (watch the video for something that will tear your heart out [but in an artistic way])
"Holy Infinity" GOVS
"I've Got A Friend" Sahara Beck
"L.A." Dean Fields (follow him on Twitter and get his music because it's all fantastic)
"Polaroid Picture" Frank Turner (see him live; he's amazing)
"Light of Day" The Silent Comedy (So. Good.)
"Master of Eden" Marcus Blacke (get Butterfly Black from Bandcamp or "Holding Tokens" won't be in there*)
"The Others" Birds of Tokyo
"L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N" Noah and The Whale
"Hurricane" Parachute (I can only explain my addiction by stating this his voice is gorgeous)
"Cold Stone Lips" WE ARE TWIN
"Get Higher" Palaye Royale (if I tried to define/find a favorite band again, they might be it)
"Never One to Complain" Night Terrors of 1927
"Without Me" JONES Jnr. (the only one not on YouTube; listen to it then download the song [for free])
"Out of My League" Fitz and The Tantrums (I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to see them live)
"Little Games" The Colourist
"Now" Matt & Kim (I just. They're so. This is perfection. But I've already freaked out about them before)
* It says that "Holding Tokens" is there, but it's labeled incorrectly on iTunes and Amazon and is actually "Three Times Round", so just get the album from Bandcamp if you like it.
- E
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