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       As a quick public service announcement, I would like to state that I am really awful at censoring myself when I get excited and that I don't have the time to go back and read this post right away to fix any censorship issues which may occur so, if you're sensitive or easily offended, read no further.
       Scratch what I said Saturday about Frank Turner's being the best concert I've been to since 2011, because Matt & Kim are amazing.
       Holy fuck that was the best fucking performance I've ever seen. I was probably a little biased because the second they came on stage I was thinking "oh, fuck yes, this will be fantastic" but holy balls that was just perfection.
       The duo was energetic musical perfection with an adorable back and forth and fantastic use of crowd participation and when Matt introduced Kim as his "partner in crime and in sex" it was probably the most adorable introduction I've heard. Plus, I'm still amazed by the little things they did as part of their performance, because I've seen artists jump or walk into their crowds, but Kim is the first I've seen to stand on the hands of the audience members while dancing and, while I've seen plenty of talented artists standing on their keyboards, Matt is the first I've seen do a handstand and hold it (I don't even know how you would go about doing that without tipping it over and breaking your face).
       The only thing that gave me pause was when Kim said "South Florida, this is the only place where I can act like a complete fucking hot mess and you people still fucking love me" because I couldn't quite decide whether that was a good or bad thing, but then I remembered that last time I visited family in Indiana, they all but did the sign of the cross when I fixed my bra strap, and I decided I'd much rather be down here with all the other people who still don't have their lives together (and who realize that bras are everywhere and you don't have to hide them).
       This was their last show this year, but make sure to stay up to date with the band so you can see them live because, fucking hell, they're amazing and, if possible, I love them more now than I did before.
       And yes, I did dance the fuck out when this song began and, while I would like to say that I got videos for you guys for the performances, I was dancing too much for Fitz and The Tantrums to try, I didn't bother during The Neighbourhood (the sound guy was pretty awful), I think it's out of the question to expect anyone to stand still for Matt & Kim, Two Door Cinema Club was too good, and I've seen Passion Pit too many times to find the allure in standing still for a video rather than dancing to every song.
"Overexposed" Matt & Kim
- E
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