Battlesong / by E

       Singer/songwriter Katey Laurel released her single, "Battlesong", today, timed perfectly to coincide with Veterans Day.
       A slowly winding composition, with a softly played guitar and a simple piano melody, lend their support to lyrics like "just a hometown hero coming back to be where I belong, no more battle songs" and "your open arms are all I'm longing for, I leave behind the foreign lands, so glad to finally wash up on your shore" and I've already played it four times before writing this.
       The music video for the song contains photos sent in from fans and veterans and, while I have not watched the whole thing (because I will not tear up again today) the parts I've seen are simple and sweet. 
       On Veterans Day, call or Skype (or hug, if you're lucky enough to have them close by) your veterans and tell them how much you love them and appreciate everything they've done and continue to do (because, even if they are the only one of your siblings capable of thoroughly pissing you off in five seconds or less, they're still awesome and they deserve the recognition for their service [and you kind of love them sometimes]).
       Get the single from iTunes or Laurel's website.
"Battlesong" Katey Laurel
- E
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