It's Alright/ Not That Bad / by E

       If you were around the blog last year, you know why and how much I love these guys' music and, if you weren't here, just know that I adore Matt & Kim's music and their video ideas are always fun (because I might have deleted the original post... basically, a former friend showed me the band years ago, then he shared his emotions and ruined everything).
       Between Matt & Kim, Frank Turner, and Two Door Cinema Club this weekend, all I would need is to see Billy Joel or Palaye Royale (seriously, listen to their music; those compositions with that voice are perfection) and my head would probably explode. 
       I listened to this music so many times on the way to the hospital last year I've got it all memorized and, now that I'm not making those trips anymore, I cannot wait to see these guys perform live and just be completely fucking amazing.
"It's Alright" Matt & Kim
"Not That Bad" Matt & Kim
       If you're looking for good music from their older albums, make sure to listen to "Red Paint", "Good For Great", "Lessons Learned", "Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare", "Yea Yeah", and, of course, "Daylight"; watch the videos for "Yea Yeah", "Lessons Learned", and "Daylight"  for something awesome. 
- E
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