Dust and Bones / by E

       I briefly mentioned the release of Night Terrors of 1927's latest EP, Guilty Pleas, yesterday, but it's a must have so I'm going to shove more of their music in your face.
       I didn't say enough about "Never One to Complain" yesterday but it's an amazing song because when the instrumentation peters out shortly after "she always wanted to escape" and you're left there for a split second actually feeling a sort of freedom, before the song ends with the repetition of "what was lost can now be found, we were the lost but now we're found", I think I might love their music.
       Guilty Pleas has a sound that reminds me a bit of Imagine Dragons mixed with For the Foxes and I haven't been able to stop playing this EP on repeat. 
       It's hard not to dance along with "Dust and Bones" and with lyrics that great, I want to be singing along before I've even finished my first listen. An opening line which states "oh my darling, we have fallin', stuck at the crossroads, skull and cross bones" should get you hooked and a chorus that demands attention over that guitar riff with "the world exploding, the final moment... the clock keeps turning, the world keeps burning, it's life and death, we won't rest, til we're dust and bones" should have you playing it on repeat.
"Dust and Bones" Night Terrors of 1927
- E
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