Fool's Fate / by E

       The composition is gorgeously understated (growing as the song develops without overpowering the vocals), the lyrics are fantastic ("for once I'm done hoping, I'm changing my stance, I'll give you no reason, for one more last chance", "it's too late, don't be such a fool can you push me away this time"), but all I can pay attention to are those vocals. I didn't even listen to what she was saying the first few listens, I just knew that those vocals were so flawlessly smooth and full that I just wanted to keep listening to her voice for a while.
       Dunn's video for "Fool's Fate" was recently released and it's simple, but put together gorgeously, and mirrors the emotions in the song perfectly, while holding back just enough so as not to take away from the vocals or the song itself.
       Watch the video below and get this single on iTunes now, because you don't want to miss listening to these vocals.
"Fool's Fate" Nat Dunn
- E
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