Far Too Close / by E

       I will actually get something written and put up for you guys because there is a lot of amazing music that you need to check out, but I've got a few more hours of insanity before I'll have time to sit down and do that for you and I don't think that the absolute greatness of this artist has been fully examined (because I actually forgot about featuring him again until one of my reader's looked up a playlist he was mentioned in. Oops). 
       J. Viewz relies on his compositions. That's it; that's why I fell for his music. It's gorgeous, the lyrics, when they're present, carry emotion and are well thought out, and his videos are always artful and seemingly flawless. I'd also like to point out the fact that he did a cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" using vegetables, so that's just slightly awesome (watch that video here).
       The lyrics are awesome, the composition's fantastic, and the video's great. Watch it, then head to iTunes and buy Rivers and Homes if you still do not have it, because every song is just as great as this one.
"Far Too Close" J. Viewz
- E

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